Availability – Upcoming Apartments

How will I know if the apartment is still available?

Our high quality, well-managed apartments rent quickly. Before you apply, please contact us at 715-379-8944 about continuing availability. We generally work with one applicant at a time. It can take several days to thoroughly vet and approve an application. Once a lease is signed, the apartment is marked as RENTED, and later removed from this page.

How do I apply?

AFTER you have talked with us about availability, you can select the “Apply Now” button below to complete an online application to live in a specific apartment at the Hotel Grafton Apartments. If there is no “Apply Now” button, it is because we have already received an application and are in the process of evaluating it.

The application requests information about your employment, credit history, apartment rental history, references, etc., and requires you to upload a government identification card and proof of your income.

Once you complete the application, we review it thoroughly and check all your references. If everything looks good, you’re ready to review and sign your lease digitally.

Rent guide reminder: Your rent expense should be no more than 30% of your income before taxes.

The Hotel Grafton Apartments abides by Fair Housing laws and Equal Housing Opportunity.

Do I pay an application fee?

Yes. It costs $25 to apply. Because the application is vetted by TransUnion, you may be able to use this application with other prospective rental properties, thus avoiding multiple application fees. Each tenant over age 18 must complete an application. Make an application by clicking on the APPLY NOW button for the apartment you’re interested in. You will be sent to Avail, our tenant portal. Avail’s application is through¬†TransUnion which includes a check of your credit, background, and any evictions.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes. We’re dedicated to making your rental experience at the Hotel Grafton Apartments the very best. We’re local owners and we respond quickly to tenant requests – be it a maintenance call or a need to install your TV on the wall.

And yes. In exchange for our sincere dedication and service to you, we ask you to abide by six simple requirements:

  1. Pay the rent
  2. Follow the rules
  3. Be law abiding
  4. Take care of the place
  5. Respect your neighbors
  6. Abide by your lease agreement

Lastly, we require tenants to pay their security deposit and rent payments through our resident portal using either Electronic Funds Transfer (free to you) or credit card (you pay a 3.5% fee). If you are allowed to have a pet in your apartment, you must also pay your pet security deposit via our resident portal.